DIGITWINTechnologies is a high-tech company that provides and designs autonomous and controllable 3D digital twin products and solutions. An in-depth understanding of both GPU hardware and algorithms allows us to provide large-scale, photo-realistic visual renderings integrated with real-time data from different sources. Combining these programs with resources such as artificial intelligence, big data, 3D multi-source heterogeneous data, and sensor technology, DIGITWIN is able to provide high-quality simulations and digital twins to solve problems across many different industries. Some of our past projects include smart cities, smart factories, and solutions for the aerospace, maritime, and education industries.

Headquartered in Shanghai, DIGITWIN Technologies has offices in Beijing, Singapore and Silicon Valley and employs a talented international team of professionals from China, the United States, Russia, Australia, France and India. With a rapidly expanding service network, DIGITWIN is well prepared to meet the growing demand for new and innovative digital solutionsacross the globe..