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【Breaking】DIGITWIN’s Top 10 Stories of 2020


2020 was a year like no other but it did not stop DIGITWIN from making great strides in the development and proliferation of digital twin technology. DIGITWIN is incredibly grateful to the partners who worked by our side every step of the way and looks forward to continuing to work together throughout 2021.

Here is a look at DIGITWIN’s top 10 news stories of 2020.

No. 1: June 2020

China’s Premier Li Keqiang Praises DIGITWIN’s Digital Twin Factory Platform

China’s premier Li Keqiang visited Haier’s connected factory to attend the unveiling of the digital twin factory platform and sand table model jointly created by DIGITWIN and Haier COSMOPlat. The Premier expressed his approval and commendation for the projects.

No. 2: December 2020

DIGITWIN Co-edits the “White Paper on Digital Twin Cities (2020)”

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology published the third “White Paper on Digital Twin Cities (2020),” a collaborative report written by the Academy and numerous partnering companies. DIGITWIN’s CEO Michael Ma and technical expert Martin Long were both crucial contributors to the project and were part of the editing team for the 2020 White Paper.

No. 3: November 2020

DIGITWIN Completes Series A Funding

DIGITWIN successfully completed the series A round of funding with plans to accelerate development in 2021.

No. 4: November 2020

DIGITWIN’s Newest Product “DT Stage” is released

“DT Stage XR Content Development Platform,” DIGITWIN’s newest product, was released. Created for education, the program will be used to help students develop hard skills and encouraging university-enterprise cooperation.

No. 5: New Digital Twin Ecosystems are a Win-Win

DIGITWIN Joins Hands with Schneider Electric to Explore the Use of Digital Twins in Manufacturing

To celebrate their cooperation agreement, DIGITWIN and Schneider Electric held a signing ceremony at the 22nd China Industrial Industry Fair. To further their relationship, DIGITWIN was invited to participate in the second Schneider Electric Digital Partner VIP Summit and was selected to their Digital Elite Partner program. The two companies will work together to expand the application of digital twins.

DIGITWIN's CTO Eric Liu, Deputy Manager of Manufacturing, Kyle Su, and Marketing Manager, Alaya Qin, took part in the Schneider Electric Innovation Summit nationwide tour, an event that allowed them to visit 10 different cities to deliver speeches and discuss industry transformation.

No. 6: Entering the International Market

Singapore is the First Step to International Business

DIGITWIN established a branch in Singapore and is currently carrying out cooperation negotiations with the Singapore government and prominent local enterprises to ensure comprehensive international business in various industries.

No.7: Upgrades to Transportation Sector Applications:

DIGITWIN Streamlines Unmanned Port Management

DIGITWIN is empowering international shipping terminals with smart technology. Unmanned management solutions include simulations of terminal operations, such as dock loading, unloading, stacking and storage; locational management of industrial equipment, such as quayside cranes, storage yards and gates; and analysis of real-time dynamic data.

DIGITWIN Enters the V2X Field

The high-speed airport operation platform designed by iSmartWays, featuring a V2X digital twin simulation platform provided by DIGITWIN, debuted at Huawei's exhibition hall.

No. 8: New In-depth Urban Infrastructure Applications:

DIGITWIN Empowers Smart City Ecosystems

DIGITWIN's QuantumCity product is a 1:1 digital copy of an urban space built on a self-developed 3D graphics engine. A smart city command center, QuantumCity integrates urban static and dynamic data, empowering the transportation sector, assisting the Ministry of Public Security in the management of operations and maintenance, and upgrading first-responders’ emergency response protocols.

DIGITWIN Upgrades City Blueprints with Digital Technology

The platform allows the user to view a city's century-old blueprints with one-click. Users can also use the digital twin to optimize urban planning, instantly seeing the results of a multi-year development and management plans.

No. 9: Digital Products in the Time of the Pandemic:

LinkME Product Helps Companies Overcome Pandemic Obstacles

During the pandemic, DIGITWIN released LinkME, an integrated platform that allows for remote sales display, training and maintenance all without face-to-face communication, giving enterprises the opportunity to continue doing business in difficult times.

No. 10: The Core Position is Unveiled

DIGITWIN Receives Multiple Awards and Wows Audiences

DIGITWIN created a 3D human-computer interaction platform that greatly strengthened facets of digital twins in many different industries. DIGITWIN won numerous awards for its industry advantages, research and innovation capabilities, and commercial influence.