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【Case】DIGITWIN Assists Shanghai Kongan in Creating a Digital Twin as Water Infrastructure Safety Testbed


Project Background

In April of 2020, a cooperation agreement was signed between Shanghai Kongan and the Cyberspace Administration of the Shanghai Water Authority's Ocean Bureau, leading to the grand opening of the Shanghai Water Industrial Control and Safety Research Lab.

The two entities worked together to produce the "one body, two wings" smart water demonstration project, an undertaking that had both sides independently design and build intelligent industrial safety testbeds for water infrastructure based on digital twins.

DIGITWIN helped Shanghai Kongan create a digital twin of the intelligent water system, a full stack, autonomous, controllable software project that would soon become an internationally recognized benchmark in the water industry, made entirely from domestic technology.

  • Detailed Reconstruction of Industrial Sites

DIGITWIN built the facility simulation model using data from multiple water infrastructure systems, including the raw water supply system, mechanical filtration system, dosing flocculation system, sedimentation system, filtration system, disinfection system, and the facility control system. This allowed them to create a detailed recreation of the water infrastructure processes while digitalizing the physical entities.

  • Multi-Source Data Integration

By fully opening up PLC, and integrating IOT data from equipment present, DIGITWIN connected the digital twin with real-time data to model the typical processes of the water infrastructure systems.

  • Simulation Planning and Process Mechanisms

The digital twin created by DIGITWIN provides intelligent analysis of all water system data combined onto one platform. Additionally, it allows users to make informed decisions regarding security situations and can produce simulations of production line mechanisms.


  • Water system safety risks can be assessed.
  • Economic losses caused directly or indirectly from security risks can be avoided.
  • Emergency security incidents can be analyzed, and appropriate responses can be created.

DIGITWIN is committed to continuing to provide high-tech solutions to enable the digital reform and optimization of enterprises in all industries.