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To assist in urban planning and design, entire cities can be mapped out digitally 1:1 with the physical world and populated with 3D models generated from concept drawings. Problems can be spotted and corrected while still in the design phase, greatly reducing the amount of modification work required had they been found at a later stage.

During the physical construction phase, the software can record each step of the building process and give feedback on the progression of the project by analyzing component level data. This allows for high-quality, efficient life-cycle management.

After construction is completed, the program can be used to document and monitor daily operations and maintenance. Additionally, it can be used to record and calculate data related to many aspects of the city, including real estate, personnel, energy, environment, and security. The software can run simulations with this data, allowing the user to make assessments and formulate optimized responses to many different situations.

Park in this case is used to refer to a complex of buildings with complete supporting facilities and a reasonable layout. It can refer to residential communities, business campuses, educational campuses, exhibition and cultural centers, industrial parks, commercial centers and public government buildings. DIGITWIN’s Smart Park program provides a better development experience for clients who wish to build high-quality, intelligent smart parks and stresses aspects such as safety, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

Virtual environments can be created based on a product’s life cycle data. This software, which employs technologies such as 3D models and simulations, covers the entire manufacturing process: design, engineering, production and daily operations at a factory. A virtual copy of reality, Smart Factory seamlessly integrates virtual simulations with modern digital manufacturing and advanced management systems to improve production efficiency, quality and flexibility while reducing costs.

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