Pain spot

Application scenario

  • Product Design and Development

    Enterprises can record the whole product life cycle in digital form. This can not only help them better understand the product, production system and practical application, but also can help them precisely predict the product performance. Therefore, enterprises can speed up market launch of the product and optimize the operation. They can also design high-quality products more efficiently and at low cost.

  • Production Stage

    Digital twin technology can comprehensively generate the digital reflection of the physical world, realizing the real-time interaction between the real and virtual situation of products and manufacturing process and visualizing data such as IoT and MES. Enterprises are allowed to find problems in time, adjust product design or production process, and use the data to optimize the whole production process.

  • Factory Operation and Maintenance

    Digital twin technology can virtually duplicate all the information in a real factory, from sensors and mechanical equipment to its internal conditions, and aggregate all the data to manage the operation of the factory.

  • Product Sales and After-sales

    The platform can demonstrate the product information and exploded diagram on multiple terminals. Using our mobile AR product, enterprises are able to quickly introduce their product and manufacturing process to clients and help them directly compare the function of different products, which can increase the success rate of sales. In addition, 5G technology can be employed to provide after-sales service, which can improve client satisfaction and reduce the off-site training and maintenance costs.

Program advantages

  • Strong data compatibility for industrial equipment

    Support the access of IoT data of various protocols; support integration of more than 50,000 kinds of industrial equipment data around the world.

  • Fast modeling of workshop and assembly line equipment.

    With LinkME products, interactive 3D models of workshops, the models of assembly lines and equipment can be quickly created. And a digital twin factory can be established on a virtual platform.