Pain spot

Application scenario

  • City Planning

    Complying multiple standards & regulations, , realizing \"One Map\" for the entire city planning. The dynamic simulation of the algorithm in the digital world provides the optimal solution for city planning in the physical world. Greatly improve the efficiency of traditional planning and design, and reduce the industry pain points such as deviations from original planning, repeated constructions. It provides future region planning simulation, design assistance to key projects, city infrastructure visualization. Through data interface, it can obtain real-time data in virtual environment for planning and designing of large-scale complex projects. With free path, self-defined speed and air or ground perspectives, it enable users to roam in the city, overlook or enter into specific buildings for insights, or survey the space with all angle, distance and accuracy requirements.

  • City Construction

    Through the access and integration of various types of collaborative data in city construction, the construction process is fully under control with improved efficiency. Support multiple person, multiple perspectives, and multiple routes to complete work tasks, provide efficient collaboration tools for design, construction, operation and maintenance with other parties.  Uses can completely, quickly and intuitively understand the rationality of planning and design, check the design concept and the actual progress.
  • Intelligent Transportation

    Combining simulation, IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other information technologies, it brings the visual simulation, big data enabled traffic operation for airport, high-speed railway hub, roads, tunnels, bridges and other traffic facilities. The traffic system simulation has the ability of cognition, interconnection, analysis, prediction, control and so on. It integrates a variety of technologies in detection & sensing, video image or biometric recognition and analysis, thus provides intelligent transportation, behavior detection, face recognition, vehicle recognition & tracking and other services.

  • Environmental Monitoring

    With the support of GIS and remote sensing technology, the environmental monitoring data can be acquired in real time, and the dynamic changes of the environment can be simulated quickly with the virtual simulation technology, so as to know the main pollutants and their spatial distribution and pollution degree,  assist the experts to determine the best treatment, and simulate the effect of it.  Normally,  environmental monitoring data are transmitted to the monitoring center in the means of video, red infrared, data acquisition instrument, etc. It is impossible to monitor the whole area with the full picture and multi angles. Thanks to 3D simulation technology, the daily monitoring of the environment can be achieved through virtual-real simulation for the entire monitoring area.

Program advantages

  • In-house developed & owned 3D graphics engine

    500,000 lines of engine and development platform codes, 20,0000 lines of component and interface codes, support domestic NeoKylin operating system, truly safe and controllable, and fully fulfill customer’s localization requirement

  • Unlimited topography simulation

    It has more than 10 times the 3D computing capacity of the game engine. The 3D computing with double-floating point accuracy supports 1:1 simulation at the earth level. Combined with AI algorithm, it can automatically generate 2000 square kilometers of large scenes.

  • Excellent secondary development capability

    Digitwin platform has hundreds of components and tens of thousands of API interfaces, which can be customized to develop various vertical industry applications.
  • Multi source data loading and fusion

    It supports more than 300 kinds of data loading & fusion, up to 400G BIM and 10t GIS data.